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In an effort to stimulate article submissions from our different instructional designer communities, we created three different types of articles. 

Article Types

Instructional Design Practice. This is an applied journal serving a practicing community. Our focus is on what practitioners are doing in authentic contexts and their observed results. These articles cover topics of broad concern to instructional design practitioners. The articles should represent issues of practical importance to working designers.

Research Studies on Applied Instructional Design.  JAID is interested in publishing empirical studies exploring the application of instructional design principles in applied settings.  Quantitative and qualitative studies are welcome

Instructional Design/Performance Design Position Papers.   JAID also accepts position papers that attempt to bridge theory and practice.  Examples may include conceptual frameworks and new ideas facing the instructional design community.  The paper must also provide enough information to allow the replication of the innovation or continuation of the research in other settings.  Position papers must be based in the context of a theoretical framework.  Efficacy data is strongly preferred, but not always required, contingent upon the potential generalizability or value of the innovation.





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